[PEBCAK] Mismatched tile styles & auto-fit label text

This is a two-parter, and please forgive if it seems non-sequitur…

(A) [SOLVED] Somehow, and I can’t quite determine how/why/when, one tile (left) out of 7 on a particular dash decided to start displaying all of its labels in bold text, whereas the Global style and all other tiles use regular text. [I HAD MISTAKENLY ASSIGNED THE ‘BOLD’ TILE ITS OWN STYLE WITHOUT REALIZING IT.]

It’s not like I have any conditional formatting set for it (that I can find!).

(B) Also, though I don’t believe I’ve seen it discussed, what are the chances that “auto-sizing”/AutoFit text might become available for times when Labels get truncated, as illustrated above (right tile)?

What’s the red line for?

Me just underscoring where to look; it’s a habit from usually larger screenshots.

Is this a stock theme or a custom theme? As far as auto fitting lables, that was one of the first things that was discussed in the community. I would have liked to see that as well, but i saw @g.slender points about how it would look and it made sense. It was easier to change the lables to fit (but also allows you to maybe give it a lable that may be a better fit to what it is or where.

Edit https://community.hubivue.com/t/multiple-attributes/59/9?u=lcw731

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It’s a modified stock theme, based on Vista. I just messed with a few things like Font, Border, Corner Roundness, etc. Perhaps I fiddled too much and somehow left an orphan tile from when “Vista1” briefly had bold text and later reset it to “regular” before the new tiles arrived.

I’ll have to test out that theory tomorrow. Heading to bed. Suffice to say a Copy of the the em-bold-ened tile also shows bold text, and revisiting the Theme Editor shows they should not. And the bold persists through a browser refresh.

When i first started playing with theme builder, I had a few times like that, accidentally clicked bold in spots I didn’t intend to and couldn’t figure out how i did it. It’s Just a small part of the learning curve. Now I just make everything bold so it’s easier to see.

Right you are. And I think the crux of the matter is why aren’t the tiles all the same if the Theme applies across the board?

Let me go change the Theme to another, and then back to my custom one, and see if that resets everything. <2 minutes la-ter> Well, that didn’t help; although the rogue tile fell in line with all the others under a different theme, it went right back to being bold when I switched back to the custom theme.


Added info for @g.slender: When I create a new tile of the same type (bulb) it conforms to the active Theme.

OMG, MY FAULT ALL ALONG. Somehow, the “bold” tile’s style had been overridden (by me) to ‘tileStyle1’ which I must have kept misreading as ‘Vista1’ (the name of the Theme).

THERE’S YOUR PROBLEM, LADY! Okay, that issue is solved.

@g.slender feel free to nuke this thread. Sorry for the misfire.

Also, @g.slender could you perhaps remove the word ‘Default’ from this dialogue? I think it was fooling my eye into believing the tile had the “Default” (Themed) style.

Maybe if it just said “Tile Style” or even just “Style”?

Also, @g.slender since we’re here and it’s just us fellas, how about we change “Wizard TIle” (no such animal) here to “Tile Wizard” (which is where it leads and the name of the ensuing dialogue panel)?

What if the drop down is relabelled to TileStyle and the Default (in the list) is renamed to Global TileStyle??

I guess the name of all these things needs a bit of a clean up :frowning:

This is how it works…

A ‘Theme’ sets style attributes for all tiles plus the dashboard background itself etc.

Every Theme has can be overridden by a TileStyle, when none are specified it uses the Theme itself (which is what is labelled as being Global TileStyle and the little padlocks unlock if you choose to override the global/default theme values - as the TileStyle could just override the font bold attribute for example and otherwise be the same as the global theme).

The idea is to provide maximum flexibility to the dashboard designer.


Done! Thanks for picking that up :stuck_out_tongue:

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