PIN Entry Pad concept

Thought you guys might enjoy this one… a PIN Entry keypad concept.

Basically, the ‘enter’, ‘reset’, A-F and 0-9 ‘keys’ are just Device tiles all linked to the same hub variable. Each one sets that variable – using Tap ► Custom Command ► setVariable – to the assigned character or string.

Back on HE, there’s an RM5.1 rule watching for that variable to change. A series of Conditionals handles the rest:

  • If the new value is ‘reset’, everything gets reset and the display (pulling from a different hub variable’s connector) will read ‘Enter PIN’
  • If the new value is ‘enter’, then a nested set of Conditionals checks whether the entered PIN (stored in a local accumulator variable in RM) matches the actual PIN (stored in Hub Variables); if they match, “SUCCESS!”, and if they don’t, “FAIL!” is displayed.
  • Otherwise, with every successive keypress (A-F or 0-9), the accumulator appends the new char to itself, and the display does the same by appending another asterisk (to mimic a password field).
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That’s awesome. Does it scale okay as an ultraTile ??

Also, I’d the OpenURL issue still occurring??

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At first, I always forget that I have to be in “View” mode for an ultraTile to function. But, yeah, it scales and operates just fine as an UT!

If by “OpenURL issue” you mean the lag I reported elsewhere, that doesn’t apply here because I’m using “Custom Command” instead to directly control a device (of type var conn).

FYI, word on the street is that Hubitat devs may one day allow direct access to Hub Variables rather than continue requiring these intermediary Connectors. Not sure if that plan is stalled (probably). This is something you may want to ask about over in the HE Forum.