Pixel 6 battery usage

Is it normal ? I used your app many hours today. It uses a lot of battery. I always charge once per 2 days. But today I don’t have enough battery for one day.

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By design. I will eventually post curated articles with pics showing how to do things in the app.

Probably. The app has a “Stay Awake” feature enabled in the app settings, that in reflection I think I should set the default to off - the idea was to ensure that tablet devices didn’t go to sleep, but it maybe should be an opt in feature instead of on by default.

Let’s talk some more about the “Stay Awake” feature…

Should it be configurable, and if so, based on (a) time of day? (b) status of selected switch device? and/or (c) keep as-is, UI setting per install?

Does google even allow that? Every other app its yes or no. Not configureable.

You are correct, once you allow the device to sleep, the app cannot wake it back up again.

I guess you could “Disable Keep Awake after 10pm” but you’d need to wake the device back up the next time you wanted it to display


Conversely, the current Stay Awake setting could include a drop-down with “1 hour” through “Indefinitely”, so the user has some granular control.

This is not to say that I would ever use Stay Awake myself, as I’m a battery-conserving snob. I’m mainly focused on HV achieving feature parity with some of the other big players… thus hope I’m not misrepresenting their users’ stated aims.