Please help me understand UltraTile

I have watched all the discussion of ultra tiles, but I’ll be honest, I really don’t understand the use case, the why or how. Can someone help me understand and figure out if it is something I can use effectively?

Maybe I’m not looking at it critically. My initial thought is stuff like a temp/humidity sensor in a safe, but I can really do that with a regular tile. What should I really be using it for?

At first blush, ultraTile™ looks strictly cosmetic, but it’s a bit more than that. By allowing you to construct a “Tile” from a “Dash”, then letting it be resized when placed on another Dash, you gain the ability to mashup (and most importantly, reuse) what I call “tilesets” that might otherwise be cumbersome to replicate and/or include at full scale.

Possible uses cases might include, say, gathering all your sensors (like motion) into a single dash, transforming them into an ultraTile™, and placing that on your main dash (and optionally on other sub-dashes) at a reduced scale factor. Hint: The UT’s height x width aspect ratio doesn’t have to be the same as the underlying dash.

I find myself opting for 1x1 Tiles a lot (see my ‘Infinite Clowns’ mockup) just because I like how things scale when omitting labels, which in turn lets me go nuts jamming large groupings into a single UT.

Does this help illustrate? Or should I go deeper.

Ultra Tile is not a very intuitive name. Perhaps Group Tile or something more descriptive would be better.

Excellent point, and I agree with you. Before ultraTile came into existence, my hope was that it would be something much closer to SuperTiles (in SharpTools), where you literally pick and choose custom elements from various sources and glom them onto a single Tile.

Alas, Grant chose a different direction. I might have named his presentation something like “superClusters” or “Tilesets” in the same vain as what you’re saying.

That is the eventual direction, and so I wanted a name that reflected the enhanced capabilities

Rather than hold back and release the capabilities until 100% finished, I’ve decided to release early and update along the way

Excellent! What you’ve done so far, of course, pleases me a-plenty.