"Please Update" banner in app, but no update in Apple App store yet?

Is Apple store just slow to release update? Also testing guest access on another iphone and it is not showing the banner (also on 1.3.3).

I see 1.3.4 on web, and image tile with my google sheet graph working now.

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Yes, Apple are dreadfully slow …

If a device doesn’t show the update message, it would typically be due to it not having access to the internet, but if they are logging on to the hubiVue servers, then they should - any further details you can share?

Guest device also started showing update banner just now. Not sure why it was delayed, pretty sure it was connected to WAN, but no way to tell now, I’m afraid. It is an older device on iOS 15.7, not upgradable to 16.

Thanks - will keep waiting for them to release it.

Apple has finally released v1.3.4 into the App Store… :stuck_out_tongue:

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