[POLL] Should hubiVue do "Scenes"?

We all recognize that Hubitat is somewhat schizoid in its approach to Scenes. On the one hand, HE is phasing out Groups & Scenes app in preference of the new Room Lighting app, which calls its presets “Periods”. These presets are not visible to voice-assistants like Alexa the way Scenes once were, so must instead be invoked by Activators (virtual or physical switches) or other means.

On the other hand, RL is perfectly happy to “snapshot” the status of multiple devices using its built-in “Capture” and “Restore” actions, which are also available in Rule Machine. And RL routines themselves permit a “Capture Device” to be declared, which when activated creates a snapshot of the assigned devices. All very “Scene”-like.

Given all that, I want to ask:

  • Heck yes, I’d use HV to Set/Capture/Restore device groups!
  • This might be a cool feature to consider in a future revision.
  • Meh, I can already do all that with existing HE components.
  • No, I don’t see the usefulness of Scenes on Dashboards.

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