[POLL] Which dashboard app(s) did you use most before hubiVue?

Choose 1-2 of the apps you previously used most often to control your Hubitat hub:

  • Hubitat Dashboards (built-in app)
  • ActionTiles
  • SharpTools
  • The Home Remote
  • Smartly
  • Multi-System Reactor
  • Hubitat Dashboard (user app)
  • HousePanel
  • HomeHabit
  • WebCoRE (beta dash)
  • Other (please specify in reply below)

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Home Assistant for Hubitat (LoveLace). - considering Home Remote

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Home Remote gets really solid reviews, despite its somewhat steep learning curve. Will be interesting to hear what kind of flows you implement with it.

Sorry I left HA off the list; it was the subject of much debate on whether it constitutes “a dashboard” in the app sense. But both it and MSR (and WebCoRE, for that matter) effectively just “have a dashboard component” instead of being stand-alone. That’s why I ultimately omitted it.

I have a good working system including logic. I have tried nearly all of the options but I search for a relatively easy yet capable solution, not just grid style buttons. But I just know I don’t have the time to invest in making it as I would like. Predictable of course.

My system is MQTT centric and I use HA to basically fill out my supported devices that HE omits and I do also like MSR to augment that. I was into XLobby (no longer maintained) for a long time

The effect is a great system but with a very poor partially implemented grid button dashboard that disappoints me on every use. Given time it could be sooo much nicer. Time I don’t have and actually I don’t use the dashboard anywhere near as much as I expected I would. It’s more family and friends ‘eye candy’

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