Popup Tile/form

One thing I saw somewhere else is the possibility to have an action that will popup a new tile/form that I can define to make other selections. For example, I have a water valve for my irrigation system. I want to be sure that I don’t re-open it during winter. So I added a confirmation popup form to say, hey dude it’s winter, are you sure you want to open that valve. So it would be nice to have that possibility

Another option might be a a PIN requirement or challenge? I have device in Hubitat Dashboard that I set up so I have to enter a pin number to actually use it. Its one that I normally want off except in certain situations. I found I keep accidentally turning it on. The pin number stopped that.

The device is guest room TV.

That’s good, but I prefer the other option that a popup could be configure like in HSM where it is not only a PIN or a yes/no, but also many actions like ON/OFF, ARM HOME/ARM AWAY or anything else.

Also, please do take a look at Guest Management and inviting users like family and partners to use hubiVue as a guest - and you build a dashboard for just their limited and restricted use.

The UI changes subtly so that they can’t use dashboards that they don’t have links for.

But yes, I will be looking at pin lock on tiles and pop up actions too

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Actually, in this case it’s an outlet that I have a bad habit of turning on by accident. The tv in the guest room is plugged into it because that tv has a weird tendency of coming on and staying on by itself. Since we don’t have guests that often, it’s on that outlet to keep it off.

Right now, with that exception, there’s no automation in those rooms. Honestly they are low on the priority list to get much more than maybe a bulb.

However, once this is stable enough to let my wife use it i’m planning to use guest management to set up a dashboard specifically for her.

The topics of “Dash PIN” and “Tile PIN” come up early and often in the discussion of new or developing dashboard apps, so I strongly urge you to get ahead of this sooner rather than later. (It’s hard to graft onto an existing framework, as evidenced over the course of several years at ActionTiles).

I personally don’t have the need for PIN protection, but can see its utility at the Tile level. Do other users have a strong viewpoint on this topic?

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So is the “Tile PIN” feature really just…

  1. a lock on the Action (ie Tap/DoubleTap/Hold) that pops up for a PIN when you try to activate the action - every single time - BUT the Tile looks normal in all other ways ??


  1. Is the tile blanked out, inactive and not working until you tap to unlock, and then it stays unlocked for the foreseeable future ??
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◄— feeling ill-equipped to choose, but definitely lean toward Option 1 as the more sensible. I just don’t want a Tile to “do its thing” unless PIN entered. Seeing it on the dash grid is otherwise fine.

Guys? Comments?

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I get the concept of PIN for some actions, and see potential value. It is not how I have managed such things until now and probably will continue to avoid myself (partly because it didn’t exist before, and partly a style decision).

This may not be workable for many, but it is the whole reason that I started with actiontiles many years ago on ST, and the reason I’m excited about hubiVue now. I only give each user access to the devices I want them to have through individual dashboards, and if I want them to have some kind of limited access, I hobble what they can do with virtual devices and webcore/rules, if there are some things I want them to have limited access to. Wife and kids all know they will lose their privileges if they f* around with something they shouldn’t do, because I’ll remove the buttons from their individual dashboards.

If there is a function I would want to prevent myself from inadvertantly activating, I don’t even put it on my dashboard - keep that exclusively on HE (previously ST), which only I have access to, in order to make it a deliberate thing . If there was a solid PIN mechanism, I might use it. Just not how I have managed as yet.

If I was to use, maybe option 1 makes more sense, but I don’t have a strong opinion.


Maybe instead of PIN, maybe I should add a “Confirm Action” checkbox that when /if the action is activated, the app will ask you “Are you sure?” so that you can reconsider.

I think that’s the point of the PIN in the example offered above, because you’re right, the Guest Management aspect of hubiVue is the best way to limit access to certain devices and features.

That’s why I wrote that part of the app.

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It would be enough for my potential use case, but @LibraSun may have something else in mind.

He always has something else in mind… keeping up with him has been my challenge from day 1 !!


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Ha, and you guys don’t give me enough credit for holding off even installing HV for about 8 weeks after discovering it, much less joining the Beta. :slight_smile:

I should be a bit more candid about where I’m getting some of these far-fetched ideas (most of which are intended not to stick, only to be discussed as options)… namely, other forums both past and present.

I watched the “PIN” discussions unfold on at least four separate occasions, and think I can break down the argument into the following general categories:

  1. Guests and/or kids (housekeeper, babysitters, workers, etc.) need to be locked out
    WHY THIS MAY NOT APPLY TO HV: Guest dashes are already a thing, as pointed out by @nrus2222
    BUT PROBABLY STILL MATTERS … but let’s face it, many households intend to have the-one-and-only dashboard visible on tablets throughout the home for easy access. Users are going to want a PIN option.

  2. Certain operations may lower WAF (esp. during certain Modes)
    WHY THIS MAY APPLY TO HV: Accidentally turning on a certain light at night, or activating a complex scene/routine just because your knuckle tapped a tile is a significant concern for those of us who’ve done it before, lol. (I do my best app editing in bed, btw.)
    COUNTER-ARGUMENT: For this case, Tile PIN is overkill, I hear you say. Introduce an “Are You Sure?” warning option instead. (Edit: Sounds like G is already considering this feature.)

From a coding effort perspective, an Are you sure? and Pin lockout are about the same effort to do together as apart. So I’ll do both.

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