Possible display?

Will it be possible in future to make “tiny” tiles? The base size which is driven by the number of tiles in a column does not allow this granularity.

If I could click the “-” button to make a tile smaller than the default, that would do it.

That image is a partial of my security menu on Hubitat w/Smartly enabled.

Why not defining the number of columns based on the smallest tile and then adjust the size of all other tiles ?

That is what I am doing, it works, just seeing if there might be another option. That method works on big displays for sure.

Half and quarter tiles would be nice. I know I have some tiles that are purely informational, and I really don’t need to use up a lot or real estate for them. For example, I have four motion sensors, it would be great if I could use them in the space of a single regular tile. However there was a similar question yesterday, and I think the answer was it is possible but not likely any time soon and it required a substantial recoding to accomplish.

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Smartly on the Hubitat menus lets you do that. Not that I like that setup :wink:

1/2 tiles are basically double height and width columns. For example, a normal 3 column phone dashboard has 1/2 sized tiles when configured with 6 columns. This concepts works for any sized dashboard.

The issue will be the default theme font and icons sizes where the theme editor would be needed to fix sizes. Theme editor is coming!!

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any chance to have custom tile sizes per device? They look awesome on my note20, but are gigantic on desktop.I know I can create dashboards to be used on specific computers, but app can adjust automatically?

The issue is what happens to the tiles that are in the 5th column when viewing on a mobile device?

ie. the following looks fine on a large screen…
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
T6 T7 T8 T9

But what should happen when the screen is on something smaller?
T1 T2 T3 — where do I put T4 and T5 ??
T6 T7 T8 — and where do I put T9 ??

What do you want the app to automatically do? If you say “shrink the tiles”, well it does that already… just create a 5 column dashboard and view it on a phone… the tiles are shrunk to be 5 columns wide.

The issue isn’t solved by shrinking the tiles… its by re-structuring the layout of tiles in relation to each other, and how do we do that without breaking the organisation relationship?


To be clear, you obviously want tiles T3, T4 and T5 next to each other… you laid them out that way, so what happens when they no longer fit? What’s the rule to be followed? Does that rule work in all cases?

Hey Grant, Maybe I’m not expressing myself correctly. I was thinking of a device specific .ini file, that dictates the layout. So when I setup on my cell, the app knows the device_ID, and the layout or .ini file is specific to my cellphone with its unique device_ID. What layout I configure on my cell, is saved in a config or .ini file just for that device.
However on my desktop, there is another config(held in a device specific .ini file)
that is generated when I perform the edits on my desktop.
, I don’t know jack about programming, but I think this, if possible, would be great, especially as I go from a 32" desktop screen to a 6" cellphone screen

That’s a great idea and love it :heart:

I’ll look into this and see what I can come up with - I think a “associate this dashboard with this device” is probably where the feature will be seen


Awesome. I’m already “falling in love” with the app, and I think in homes with multiple members, everyone’s dash will be perfectly fit to their device.

PS- I just updated after seeing the “update now” reminder in the app on my cell, however in my playstore view of “apps with updates” , I didn’t see Hubivue. I had to manually search out the app in the store to get the update button. Not sure if that’s due to being in beta or maybe my device setting?