[PRO TIP] Virtual Omni Sensor … the ultimate HV companion?

QUICK! What single built-in Hubitat device can interact with hubiVue via Maker API, comes standard with (1) string, (4) numeric, and (7) binary components, thus offers a nearly unlimited range of I/O for triggering rules, etc.??

That’s right . . . the Virtual Omni Sensor! By assigning Tile actions to the various “States” shown above, HV can theoretically actuate innumerable hub processes behind the scenes, all using one neat package.

No extraneous Hub Variables cluttering your HE UI, no Variable Connector devices required, and no unwieldy end point URLs to deploy when all you want to do is, say, fire one or more Rules from your dashboard.

Dash tiles linked to a single Omni Sensor could, in theory, initiate the following:

  • 14 (7x2) discrete On/Off (Boolean) statuses;
  • 400+ (4x100) different rules or input values;
  • Essentially unrestricted alphanumeric output;

Sky’s the limit here! If you’re looking for a flexible backend device to handle pretty much any workflow hubiVue can throw at it, check out VIRTUAL OMNI SENSOR.

That’s cool. So what’s a common home automation example that uses these in a simple and non-theoretical way??

Unknown, but I can certainly share these: