Question: What template should I use?

I have a number of sensors, which are really contact sensors.
However, I’d like to show 3 things on each tile:

  1. if the sensor shows open or close
  2. what the sensor shows for battery (e.g. 87%)
  3. what temperature the sensors shows (e.g. -20 degrees C)
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Have you made it all the way into the Tile > Edit > Labels section yet, where you can “Enable Override” for each and select (as shown) the device attribute you want displayed in those respective locations?

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  1. Center label
  2. Lower left (or Right) label
  3. Lower Right (or left) label. that how I have all of mine set up. It works really well.

On some I have swapped out Battery for Lux (where available)


The above answers are excellent, but you may also be able to get close to what you want by choosing the Tile Wizard, select the device, and either accept or choose the Purpose that closely matches what you feel the device does.

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