Release v1.1.7


  • [x] [ENH] Add Toggle HSM Options action
  • [x] [ENH] Add Show Choices (for HSM) action
  • [x] [ENH] Add 4x Color Swatch on picker
  • [x] [ENH] Don’t close dialogs when deleting dashboard
  • [x] [ENH] Cleaned up space/size of “show” dialogs
  • [x] [ENH] Save last open dashboard
  • [x] [ENH] Increase max columns to 15 to better support large screens (desktop)
  • [x] [BUG] Level changes when set to Off in Color Picker don’t send switch off
  • [x] [BUG] Orientation will continue to change on some Android devices
  • [x] [BUG] Some features crashes when HSM isn’t installed