Release v1.2.1

v1.2.1 “Mercury”

  • [x] [ENH] Theme Editor - edit your own custom theme (Subcriber only)
  • [x] [ENH] Advanced Icon Options - regular/solid/light/duotone colored (Subcriber only)
  • [x] [ENH] Add IAP donation and subscription (for Subcriber)
  • [x] [ENH] Purchases send email thank you / confirmation
  • [x] [ENH] Subscriber “7-day evaluation” is now an option
  • [x] [ENH] Relocate Adv Icon Options to make workflow clear
  • [x] [ENH] Fixed inconsistent icons in chooser / combine into favorite (WIP)
  • [x] [ENH] Add Icon Library with better search terms against all icons plus
  • [x] [ENH] major UI restructure with update to all dialogs with x close
  • [x] [ENH] After 30 sec, all edit sections auto-collapse
  • [x] [ENH] Add round number by decimal places
  • [x] [ENH] Add Max Window/Mobile/Tablet modes
  • [x] [ENH] Multiple Maker API apps detection
  • [x] [ENH] Check latest version and warn user if an update available
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