Release v1.2.3

v1.2.3 “Mercury”

  • [x] [ENH] ThemeEditor - % glass blur is configurable (Subcriber only)
  • [x] [ENH] ThemeEditor - border radius change to 0% - 100% (0-45) (Subcriber only)
  • [x] [ENH] ThemeEditor - added icon under middle label opacity % (Subcriber only)
  • [x] [ENH] Add What’s New, and only shows when hash of content isn’t in the Settings
  • [x] [ENH] Long press edit mode “eye” turns off edit mode / single tap has temp switch
  • [x] [ENH] Allow icon to exist under centre label text - adjust AC for example
  • [x] [ENH] Subscriber now has a “30-day evaluation” option
  • [x] [BUG] Icons don’t rotate / glow in certain situations
  • [x] [BUG] Windows platform freeze on text entry
  • [x] [BUG] Dash goes offline and won’t reconnect
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