Release v1.5.4


  • [x] [ENH] added initial MQTT support
  • [x] [ENH] added WebSocket for local connection reducing hub polling
  • [x] [ENH] improved HTML tile support for Table
  • [x] [ENH] Added new tile detect changes / no save
  • [x] [ENH] Added Change Dashboard To action (for any tile/tap)
  • [x] [BUG] urlEncode all values submitted by commands
  • [x] [BUG] current dashboard resets to default on refresh
  • [x] [BUG] Label on colour picker hard to see
  • [x] [BUG] Dashlink issues / tabs and label override failing

v1.5.1 was a bug fix only

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  • [x] [ENH] added Open Url without browser
  • [x] [BUG] Lots of connection and startup bugs
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