Release v1.6.0

Many new features and Community Roadmap items implemented in this release!

  • New Theme option allows Label Size to scale with tile resize;

  • New Slider option for Volume, Dimmer Level, etc. with min/max values and orientation;

  • New PIN option locks Tile actions until unlock code entered;

  • New Input Value option for Custom Command actions;

  • New Icon Emphasis options, including Pulse, Vibrate and Wobble;

  • New Label Format options for value text substituion;

  • New per-Tile Preset Values for Show Level Slider and Show Color Picker;

  • Expanded Device Event History dialog added for all commands;

  • Expanded support for multiple hubs and/or Maker API instances in single dash;

  • Tile dialogs now update live, with ‘Close on Change’ moved to app-wide setting;

  • Theme Override for customized background images, colors, etc (Subscription required for more expanded use);

  • Bugs found and eliminated! Keep the feedback coming.