Request: Hubitat Safety Monitor status support

Is there currently any functionality within hubiVue to have a tile show the current status of HSM? I have a virtual witch currently which we can use to arm/disarm HSM, but I haven’t been able to figure out a method of being able to see the HSM status.

HSM is on the list for enhancements. It uses a special MakerAPI set of communication to work which I will need to add - won’t be too long

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awesome news. Knowing its on the roadmap is really helpful.

Just implemented this today and will definitely be in the next release

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I added a tile for HSM but I don’t see how I can arm or disarm the system. Is it just displaying the status ?

Yes for now. Working on the arm/disarm and lock codes feature right now :sunglasses:

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Do not disturb that guy please ! :wink:

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I’d like to get some feedback on the arm/disarm implementation…

How do you see the tile for HSM working?

My options are…

  1. The tile has a tap or hold action that can be set to toggle between two specific HSM commands only (such as armAway and disarm) - you can pick which two from a list (as per below)

  2. The tile has a tap or hold action that brings up a small dialog with all the possible HSM commands available (as per below).

I could implement both, and obviously that robs effort from other features if I do that when either option 1 or 2 would have been enough,

These are the full set of HSM commands (note that not all work because it depends on what you have setup in HSM)

	armAway		    arm intrusion alerts for Away
	armHome		    arm intrusion alerts for Home
    armNight        arm intrusion alerts for Night
	disarm			disarm intrusion alerts
	armRules		arm all HSM Monitoring Rules alerts
	disarmRules		disarm all HSM Monitoring Rules alerts
	disarmAll		disarm all alerts and all HSM Monitoring Rules alerts
	armAll			arm smoke, water and all HSM Monitoring Rules alerts
	cancelAlerts	stop all in progress alerts

I personally like option 1 and would be happy for now with just that… but I’m not sure how complex the list of arm/disarm tiles would be for home, away, night etc and it could look stupid if you have tiles all showing status and the right tile needs to be tapped to switch between modes etc.

One thing that isn’t too bad with Option 1, is that… if you only have two states to toggle between, you could have one mapped to Tap action and the other to Tap-n-Hold action.


…if you Tap, the HSM tile could toggle between ArmAway and Disarm

…if you Tap-n-Hold, the HSM tile could toggle between ArmNight and Disarm

one Tile showing the status, and the ability to toggle between three (3) different states!

I like it, and its what I’ve implemented so far…

As I said, I’m comparing your tool with another one. And I really like that a new “tile” popup and I then can select any of the possible actions. I need at least arm away, arm home and disarm.

I think option 1 is good as a MVP to give users some functionality. I think for the broader market, a method to be able to allow interaction with all the HSM commands would be desirable. Event though I only use ArmAway and disarm currently, I will soon be starting to use ArmNight and armHome. Maybe I could do this with multiple HSM tiles using option 1???

Just two tap options on the same tile - ie single tap toggles one set of alarm states, hold tap toggles another set of alarm states!

But don’t worry, I’m building both options now and the next release will be setup to accomodate either option above - ended up being easy enough to build another dialog :crazy_face: