Settings per tile-Prevent dummies like me from breaking things

Hi Grant, loving the app more each day. I found I could easily break things by not understanding terms, and wonder if a tiered dropdown could be implemented, so I can’t select a combo that breaks things? This is the incorrect setting I had.

If I select toggle on/off , is it possible to limit the “watch attribute” to only those selections that work with what I’ve selected above? Set as displayed, clicking the button only sends off commands, never an “on” command. The correct choice is “switch” for watch attribute with a command of on/off. I now know this, but how difficult would it be to have a tiered field, where only working selections are presented? Or are there 2560 possible combos to filter out, making it non feasible?

I think you are correct, in that 99% of the time, a Toggle On/Off would expect to “watch” a switch attribute go from whatever it is now, to some other value (which is what the app try to watch).

It isn’t a big deal to limit that - I’m adding a “custom command” option, which will be able to catch the 1% of odd cases where you want to send an on/off command and watch some random attribute etc… so I agree it is probably time to reduce the complexity of this Action to a simpler set of settings