Shortcuts to Dashes on Web browsers and Mobile devices

So, I’ve been thinking… with HE Dashboards and certain other DB apps, since they come with a URL baked in, it’s been easy to bookmark my favorite dashboards in, say, Chrome browser’s Bookmarks bar, or as a launch icon in Android.

But how will such bookmarking be accommodated in hubiVue? Will it mostly be expected that Win/Mac users should just open the HV app and tab over to the desired menu? Will most users have dedicated tablets already running the Android or Fire app (and, if not, will they be able to create Home screen shortcuts as needed)?

I figure somewhere in the mix we’ll necessarily find HV’s “Web app” giving us an easy to copy-and-paste URL for bookmarking purposes.

But I wanted to toss this Topic out as one for us all to ponder and discuss.

Bookmarking shouldn’t be needed. The app should open either on the defined default dashboard or remember the last visited dashboard and re-open that one.

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