Showing camera feed from eg. BlueIris


Trying to setup a ‘special tile’ with a URL to a local BlueIris camera feed.

The URL is and works in eg. Chrome.
Is there a special format I need to use, or is it not posible to use private IP’s.


Answering myself here.

It seems to work on Android, but not on PC og IOS.


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Immediately I cannot think of anything as to why that wouldn’t work. Can you open that URL exactly in Safari on iOS devices at the same time?

Yes, tried it now on my IPhone at the same time as my PC and Android (Samsung) tablet.
Only the Samsung show the images.

(I now have 4 camera streams, and they all work on the samsung)


So I’m sure of all the details, what desktop platform is this on? macOS or Windows?

Running on Windows 10

I suspect it has something to do with the URL containing a port 81 in the scheme, but wasn’t aware Android is more forgiving than all the others. Will take a while to investigate - especially for this time of year. If you figure it out, please let me know

No worries. I’ll keep you posted if I discover something.

Hi Tommy,

I have tested a similar setup as yourself, with a JPG image hosted on a local webserver device in my network. Works fine for me when trying to duplicate your scenario. (see below)

Are you 110% you are using a correct and full URL including the scheme (HTTPS:// or HTTP://) at the start of the URL ?

Can you get it to fail when hosting on a public URL ? e.g. does this work for you?

Also, is that definitely the full and complete URL?

Hello, tried this abit more.

There must be some “resource” trouble with my BlueIris server as now my IOS phone has “joined” in and works along side the Samsung tablet… The PC is still amiss. I will try to give the BlueIris server more resources (VM) and see if it will server me better.

Will try more to see what happens the coming days.


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