Slider toggle question/ suggestion

In our bedroom (this room is also the reason we can’t go full automation) we have RGBW bulbs. We tend to use the red at evening / night and white day/ evening. Is there is there a way to have toggle on/off, level, and color picker functionality on the same tile? Maybe tap, double tap, touch and hold?

Or maybe level and color picker together on touch and hold (similar to how jpage has in his andriod app)?

Feels like you didn’t try the color picker. It’s just like Joe’s and has level and color along with temp etc.

So set tap for on/off and hold for show Color Picker

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Huh. How did I not notice that? I guess because it looks different from what I’m used to. I thought the level slider was strictly for color intensity. I guess because the bulb was already in red mode when I tried it. Yep, that worked just like I was thinking!

I went to the extra trouble of tinting the slider tracks with selected color, because if you’re adjusting the brightness, and you have red color, then the sliding is from black/dark red room, to a bright red room.

Ahh, that makes alot of sense! Hadn’t even thought of that, but now that i know that, I certainly appreciate that attention to detail!

I’ve added a feature of “keeping the last 3-5 colors used” in a bar swatch so that you can quickly switch between red, green, orange - or maybe even have a setting somewhere where you can define the common color swatch so you can have color themes for lights.

Thoughts on this?


Also, moved this topic out of Beta and into the open/public forum for anyone else to read/discuss etc

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I like the idea. Being able to quickly switch between frequently used colors quickly rather than having to repick the color (and maybe being slightly off) is a nice feature!

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