Some tiles are not the right type

I have a few tiles that point at outlets that have no “on or off” on them and when clicked they do nothing. Oddly they have a maroon background, my other lights and switches have a grey background and have on/off labels

How are they set up in the Tap/hold actions?

Some devices will require a bit of configuring. Remember, this is a very new app, and while alot of bugs have been fixed, there are surely more that have yet to be found. The device above is a Minoston outlet, and had to be configured when I started using this app.

As for the maroon, that sound like the tile style is set to alert.

The default tiles are transparent, but do have a slightly grayish appearance.

I appreciate the feedback. I understand it is new, just trying to report what I see.

I did adjust the tap / hold settings as you suggest (they were set to none) but they are still the same… no on/off label and they do nothing, others of the same device type work fine.

Use the email config in the Accounts dialog and fwd the email tonour support team. We can load/analyse that to figure out what went wrong (either with the app as a bug, or how you’re using the app)

Sent. Nice feature that.

Note that the email goes to your hubiVue account email… for your backup purposes. It isn’t sent to me or anyone else.

If you want support for a specific issue, you have to fwd / send us an email via whatever mail program to our support email address and attach the files you received - we do this to ensure privacy and so that you can confirm / redact any private information before sending it on to our support email inbox.

Can you try v1.1.5 and tell me if the issue persists? Also, what is the device / tile in your configuration that this relates to? DeviceID is sufficient

Is it an auto update?

#67 is one of them
I just did an upgrade

What platform - I’m aware Apple have yet to approve the release to App Store, so iOS isn’t able to upgrade unless you’re a beta tester for hubiVue.

Android, from Google Store

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1,1,5 build 268
Running that…
#777 is another

Can you explain again what the issue is? Device #67 has a tile with a tap action that is set to toggleOnOff, but the switch attribute is not set to override any of the labels, ie you have power label set to the center/middle label, but will be covered up by the icon.

If you want on/off to show up, you need to choose a label, override it (as @LCW731 kinda explained) and then it will work.

I’d also encourage you to try the Tile Wizard and make sure the purpose is set to switch… just choose the device and switch as the purpose and see if that works - if it does, look at the configuration and try to understand it so you can configure other tiles in a similar way.

So essentially having looked at your configuration, you’ve just not setup hubiVue correctly for that tile - not sure how it was created, but earlier versions had bugs etc in the initial setup Wizard, but the current version should be doing things correctly - the New Tile Wizard allows you to choose the Purpose and ensure that the tile/device is correctly matched. Then you can tweak with manually adjusting settings to make the tile look exactly like you want.

I will try deleting them and making a new menu with the wizard. Btw there seems to be a old empty menu in there, it is the default and has no devices on it and I have to switch to a second one the wizard created. Is there a way to delete a whole menu?

Edit: NM, found the delete menu :slight_smile:

2nd edit: Hm, it seems they were toggling on and off just with no label, cannot tell.

Just to be sure you use the New Tile Wizard

Also, the issue is because these devices describe themselves as PowerMeters and the wizard try to configure them as Solar or Energy meters first and not a basic on/off switch

Maybe that’s a mistake on my part

I will try the tile wizard later. BTW: GREAT work! I am starting to love it!

You hypothesis is reasonable. No worries