Special tiles?

Will one of the special tiles be the current Mode setting, ie: Hubitat Mode, Day, Morning etc. I use that a lot to know that the Away mode is set when I leave for example.

Yes. HSM support will be part of that. Thats next on my list of new features. Also working on a redesign that will move all the special type tiles into / under the special Tiles menu.

Sounds good. I currently put the “Mode” tile on all my hubitat dashboards. It is critical on the security one for example.

Mode and HSM was implemented today. Will definitely be in the next release

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Maybe I’m too new to Hubitat to understand all the initials and terms, but here’s what I’m looking for:

Another dashboard system has a tile that shows the current mode (Day, Evening, Night, Away, and any others you’ve added). Tap it, and you get a pop-up show all of the modes, allowing you to change the mode.

Will HubiVue do that? If so, what do I look for?

First of all you need to ensure that MakerAPI has those modes available to be seen. Then in hubiVue you simply add a tile using the Tile Wizard and search for Hubitat in the device list. The Wizard will take care of the rest and configure the tile for you - you can do this tile setup manually, but it’s easier to use the Wizard

How do I get Maker API to see the modes? That’s probably my problem.

I tried using the wizard, the first time I troed, it asked me to choose what type of device. I didn’t see presence monitor or mode as a choice. I tried again, and this time the device type went to sensor. I left it at that, and it still didn’t allow me to tap to choose the mode.

I’ll create a help article soon and put the link here for you to follow… :+1::grin:

Check this out and let me know if you have further issues…

Quick question (it’s bugging me and I’m not exactly in a position to check for the next 8hrs or so). Is it possible to have a notification tile?? Use case. we are installing a lIttler Robot for our cats. I’m looking to have a notification when it needs to be emptied/ serviced. I’m looking at various community integrations to connect it to habitat.

@g.slender I just checked out your how-to for HSM and Modes. Everything worked as you described. It looks as though for HSM you can set a Command To Run > Toggle HSM Options but there is nothing for toggling or changing Mode options. Did you intend for users to change the mode via dashboard or just show the mode status? Or more likely I’m missing something on the Mode tile setup.

I have rules for changing each mode. I have hubitat variables for each mode, bools, converted to switches. I connect the tile to the switch. When I click the tile it turns the switch on, which is seen by the rule which then sets the mode for that switch. I use it set Away, Day, Morning, Evening or Night as needed. Recently I have mode setting to away when my phone leaves the house, so I use those buttons less, buit they are there if hubitat fails to see me away/home.

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What do you mean or expect the tile to do? Notify in what specific way?

I’m still having problems with this. I noticed in your step by step instructions, you set up a tile for HSM. That’s not what I’m doing (I haven’t gotten as far as HSM yet with the Hubitat).

I’m trying to set up a tile shows me the modes, and when I tap it, it allows me to change the mode. The tile I"m able to set up DOES show the mode, but it does not allow me to change it, even when following your step by step.

You have to do it like I did in my post above.

One tile shows which mode it is in right now. The others just flip switches that when seen by Hubitat rules, make the change.

Gotcha. I misinterpreted the answer I got from the @g.slender. I’ll look at doing it this way, since I already paid my subscription, and really like the app for the most part. However, when I set up Sharptools, the mode tile did this natively. Possibly g.slender could look at adding that?

Is there a command to go to another dashboard view? If so, I could set the tile to open that dashboard when clicked, and have buttons for each mode in that dashboard view.

Yes I can see that I don’t have a cmd to control the Mode in hubiVue and I will be adding that soon. Give me a few days and an update will be available that has that added.

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Awesome! I can get rid of all those tiles and switched

@Hparsons if you look at that image I posted, it has the other Dashboard tiles, when I click MAIN for example it open the MAIN dashboard

I saw that. My thought was that if there were a commmand to go to another dash, that command could be added to the tile. So, tapping the mode tile would take you to the other dashboard (like yours) where all of the various modes would have their own tiles. Tapping one of them would change the mode, and could even have a command to return to the main tile.