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I’ve been using HubiVue for 3 days now, so I may have missed if this is available. I’m using the Mac app on my MacBook and have setup 1 big tab with about 70 device tiles for the MacBook, and then several tabs for a phone. I’m using the MacBook for all the work and I have the screen setup for Max Window on the MacBook. I’m finding it very useful to copy and paste tiles from the MacBook tab to the phone tabs, rather than having to create new tiles for the phone. The problem I’m having is that I’ve set up the phone tabs at 3 columns and the MacBook at 12 columns, and after I copy a tile on the MacBook tab and select one of the phone tabs, I wind up with a display with 3 huge tiles across by about one and one half tiles high. Makes it kind of hard to work with unless I go in and change the display to phone after each copy / paste. Is there a way to have each tab be able to select whether it displays as Max Window, Tablet, or Phone?

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Unfortunately no, there is not.

You could fire up another instance of hubiVue via Web and just view the dashboard in whatever mode (either edit or view) and sized the way you want it to be - the only downside is that the update could be ~ 1 min before the settings sync.

Also, you can edit in the app resized as needed to mirror a smaller screen (which is what I do)

But what you should do is this… run the Dashboard Wizard again and this time let it create a bunch of new dashboards for the mobile viewing size/dimension. If you make mistakes, then just delete the dashboards and run the wizard again.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Using the dashboard wizard wouldn’t work for me as I have devices across 10 rooms / areas. I am grouping my devices by type so I have all my lighting and power switches on a tab, window / door contacts and motion on another, etc. I makes it wasier for me to quickly monitor if something is going on. I’ve also developed the tiles to change color on activation, display attributes like wattage and kWh used on the lower labels. Probable the best option is to copy on the Mac sized screen and then drag the window narrow to mimic the phone size.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with HubiVue! I’ve been using Smartthings for many years with SmartTiles/ActionTiles. I jumped to Hubitat last fall as Samsungs changes to Edge were not for the better. I used ActionTiles with it until I upgraded to the new C8 hub over the weekend. I like that HubiVue can run local only, I have a Wireguard VPN server here, so I don’t need or want cloud access.


Maybe offer up “Group by Device Type” as a potential app enhancement to the Dash Builder Wizard?

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