Tab sorta thing

I’ve seen the suggestion for other dashboards to have a tab interface for moving between groups more often than not called Rooms.

I’ve never been able to see a great way to do tabs on a mobile device because once you needed more than 4 then what, do you do 2 rows of 4 to get 8? I could see that working. Why not do a special tile that lets the user say they want 2, 3, and probably no more than 4 links on a single tab? Call it a tile-of-tabs.

There’s no value added going from 1 group back to a main just so you can go to another group\room. That’s always 2 clicks when it should be a single click to go anywhere else. You would make up 1 or multiple of these special tiles and put as many of 4 on other pages. The most you would be doing is editing 1 of the links on any given tab to adjust for whatever new or different page you add it to.

Nice idea. Would be fairly easy to create and add to hubiVue.

Another idea I have that could help this, and other tiles, is…. an “alias” tile - a tile that is a mirror copy of an existing tile, so you only edit and configure the source tile, and the alias / mirror mimics this tile exactly (with the exception of location in the dashboards).

That way you can configure the above multi-dash-link tile once, and then create multiple alias tiles that are copies of it to put on different dashboards.

The creation of alias would be part of the copy and paste process - you’d copy and paste an alias instead of the original copy.

PS - I’m reworking the editing UI to add more details for when you select and edit a tile. Adding a context menu that pops up after the tile is selected with heaps more details available



I hadnt thought about tabs, but i like the concept. I would really like a way to move between rooms/ dashboards without having to fill my main dashboard with link tiles. The alternative would be to basically ignore rooms and just put all the devices on a single master dashboard. But in big crazy about that idea.

WIP on the new editing mode that will support more options…

…and one of the exciting new features will be 1/2 sized tiles !!! (see the little fan bottom left)


@g.slender The half tile things is big, or, I guess actually smaller. :grinning:

I understand why every other dashboard I’ve used has poopoo’d the notion of a half tile. Well, only a bit do I understand, OK, I have no clue why everyone says no to a half tile height and then they throw out the hack to work around this.

I get how it involves coding to make it happen but when you see that feature requested over and over again, there’s something to meeting the customer’s needs. I’ve seen the suggestion to swipe left and right to move between rooms\groups and that might work for 2 or 3 groups but it seems like beyond that number you will feel like you are playing a shell game trying to find what you are looking for.

Looking forward to see 1/2 tiles and the new editing tools. The alias tile thing also makes good sense.

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Further progress update…

Lots going on in this screenshot. There is an alias tile of the USB Power Point, with a little orange mask showing the alias tile, which mirror/mimic the master tile. The alias tiles work and behave just like the original tile they are a copy/mimic of, and allow you to place a tile elsewhere on another dashboard and you only have to configure and update the master tile. Pretty cool !!

Also, the edit menu is now working correctly and styled etc, with Copy Alias option.

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