Text Tiles: Fastest practical refresh rate? Plus some usage notes on 'Watch' feature

I’ve done some preliminary testing on both these questions, but come up with inconclusive results.

(a) I have an RM rule that changes the value of a Hub (String) Variable every 1.0 seconds over the span of 5 seconds. Watching the corresponding Text Tile in hubiVue, that value seems not to keep pace, instead showing what looks like one or two intermediate values. What length gap (interval) should I be leaving between updates in order for Maker / hubiVue to consistently display successive values?

(b) Also, I tried setting a Custom Action (in 1.3.1) for that same Tile, namely “setVariable” with a text argument, but preliminary results suggest it’s not doing anything. Before taking it further, I felt it best to ask, “Is setVariable implemented yet?”

EDIT: YES, the “setVariable” custom command works as advertised!


I’ve suddenly lost sight of what the “Watched” parameter does. So…

(c) Please remind me what “Watched” does?

Nb. I’ve read this post which seems to indicate that “Watch” identifies the device attribute whose value – upon changing – signifies that the command has been successfully performed. Yet I don’t see any functional difference between “Watch” being set to an attribute vs not being set.

EDIT: Oh, that’s because “Watch” is continuing to reset itself to “none” as reported in an earlier bug report (sorry, forgot!).

It is not precisely defined - we aim to, every half second, poll Maker API for an update of values. The app also measures how long the last update occurred, and waits for that to finish before sending another update. So if the hub is busy or not responding, then the app won’t double up on requests. This may explain your issue. Also, cloud connections are even slower in terms of polling speed.

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Because MakerAPI has no confirmation that a command was executed, we have no way to know if the last command sent resulted in the attribute changing - so during that period between the command being sent, and the next poll update resulting in a device attribute reflecting the new state, what do we do?

Eg a tile of a light bulb is currently off, and you issue the on() cmd. What state do we set the bulb to? On? Even if the device isn’t on? Off, and just wait over a second for the update to correctly reflect that? Can we release the tile from the cmd being sent or is it still busy executing?

Watched attribute tells hubiVue to keep watching for the attribute to change. If it has, the cmd was executed, if not, keep spinning waiting for a change - but eventually give up etc

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See my mention above that “Watch” continues to reset itself to “None” so may not be doing the job I intended (which is to watch setVariable).

Ahhh… yes, a bug that needs some attention

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Turns out not to affect the intended operation of my Tile, thankfully. Got everything working, but glad I noticed that minor glitch (again).