Theme and Background Questions

Is there a way to change just the background image on a specific dashboard without it applying to all dash boards? I’m thinking I need to create a new theme with a different background image for each variation. If that is the case is there a way to clone an existing dashboard so as to only need to change the backgrounds, and not have to go through and reconfigure all the tile styles, etc. If not could that be looked into for a future enhancement?

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All of that is already available.

When in edit mode, you can duplicate/copy an existing dashboard, edit them, re-order them, delete them etc…

You can also create another theme as a copy of an existing theme, and then change the background and apply that new copy to the dashboards that you want (including any new copy/duplicated dashboards)

Is the issue that you’ve been unable to find it after looking, as these are all fairly obviously located in the UI so a bit surprised you’ve not found them? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re after…?

Nope. It’s that I don’t see where to just copy/ clone an existing theme (or dashboard for that matter, though all I would really need is to duplicate the theme).

How is that done? Maybe I was just tired, but I didn’t se anyway to copy/duplicate/ clone a theme. My thought was just to clone the theme, then change the background based on each room, are or use (the later being guest dashboards)

Go into EDIT DASH mode, click the palette icon > Theme Editor > click ••• menu > Copy Theme, as shown here:


This option is only for the wealthy, who can afford the subscription(rental). I prefer to purchase my needs, as I get paid once for the work I do. Not a fan of subscriptions.

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Good point, and because I consider Theming and TileStyles so central to the Dashes I’ve been designing, I honestly had forgotten this is a pay feature. Sorry if I got anybody’s hopes up who aren’t in that group.