Theromstat tile, becasue i just cant leave it alone!

What are your thoughts on tinting the thermostat tile based on what the current state is? Say Red for heating , Blue for cooling, not tinted if not doing anything , or just the fan running?

This can already be done with the tile overrides

Here is how I have mine setup


Ya know, I actually kind of thought about that right after I posted it…

You probably don’t need that last Style override … Style: Default when thermostateMode = off

The default for the tile when no matching override is found, is to show the Default Style.

Does that work for any temperature tile?

I see it does, way cool.

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I’m not sure that the same as what m looking at My Thermostat is in Auto. I’m looking to have the tile go Blue “COOL” when cooling, Red "Alert: when heating, and normal when not doin either or just the fan is running. Would that still be set up the same way ? Or do I need to use a different attribute, and if so, any idea which one? Thermostat operating state?

What @dcoghlan has shown is exactly correct for almost all Hubitat Thermostat devices if the device driver actually updates the mode correctly.

But you should always check your specific device and what attribute it changed when the running mode of the device changes.

This is more of a Hubitat issue than anything, because a device set to Auto may not have a way to formally update a status of when the cooling or heating modes switch in and out - I know my air conditioning system doesn’t report that and so it doesn’t update any driver in Hubitat