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Wondering if it is possible to have a small tile with a videostream in it, and when I tap the tile it it will be full size? Also would it be possible to trigger a spesific tile with a http/telnet command? Would be nice to do a full screen camera when eg. the garagedoor opens.


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Yep, very achievable to add that feature - plan to have that implement in v1.4

:slight_smile: Great news. :muscle:

The future is bright. :slight_smile:


Not sure I fully understand - how do you see this working given the hubiVue app is install on an iOS phone that could be off network?

Hmm your are right. Would not work when outside my home network. But on the tablet connected to my homenetwork it would be cool to have a full screen triggered when eg. the doorbell rings or garagedoor opens.


I think you could achieve that by having some rule within Hubitat. @LibraSun can you think of a way to trigger this kind of thing so that HV can see the value change and action a tile ??

I can add the DoActionOnValue action to hubiVue, but not sure about the hubitat rules…

I have already done a small project to control my heatrecovery system.
I have setup an as a listener on the network using an arduino interfacing the heatrecovery motherboard., I can then telnet the commands from hubitat to control various states/commands in the heatrecovery system.

I guess I could reuse the telnet command to send of a command to Hubiview to trigger a spesific tile.


Aha, read your post again. You would let HV monitor a state on the HubitatHUB and then change tiles.

I was thinking along the lines of having a telnet listener inside HV. But maybe thats abit more work.


Speaking for myself, I’m kind of relieved that hubiVue doesn’t try to recreate hub functionality like Rules, HTTP API, etc. the way several other dash apps have (which necessitated them going cloud-based and/or steepening their learning curve).

So long as we can have HV react to watched attributes, and a few more “actions” (e.g. an Override ► Full Screen or Size Multiply) get introduced, it should be simple enough to create the workflows discussed in this thread.


I’m assuming here you mean a long running connection that doesn’t terminate or end. Not sure that’s effective or ideal. In the various states that could occur (including the client device going to sleep) it isn’t good to have the connection long running and looking for events - at least without some known protocol for re-establishing a connection and last known state etc. eg what if the event occurs during a sleep event and is missed ??

Having the hub persist state in a variable, and having the app pull that state when needed is a more reliable way to achieve that.