Tile Text Scaling

Looking at how Text Size is set in Themes and Overrides, it appears the numbers (e.g. 20) relate to Points, Pixels or some other absolute unit.
This leads to text wanting to render at that original scale regardless of how the Tile gets resized. For instance, what looks right for this 2x2 Tile…

…isn’t appropriate for its smaller 1x1 rendition:

To avoid truncation, could text size be set differently, so it scales relatively?

  • Set font size as percentages;
  • Add ‘Scale Text With Tile Resize’ option;
  • Any other method I’m not thinking of here?

Text does scale with dashboard size

Just not by Tile size then?

Correct. You can fairly easily (via many different methods) change the font size to suit the size of the tile. I’d even go as far as saying there is a case for keeping the text size the same, and when you change the tile size, it shouldn’t change to match - but everyone will have a different view on that.

As there are options to change the font size, I’m not keen to introduce a new feature unless votes on the roadmap indicate there is a desire for change.

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So nobody else wishes that this in 2x2 format…

…would not go all wonky when resized down to 1x1 ? ? ?

There are days when I wish there was a magical “Auto-Scale on Resize” option for Labels, so they would reflow/resize just like the Icon does. Otherwise, as Grant explains above, it takes quite a bit of manual reworking to get it looking right again. :-/

One challenge I see here is how would it be implemented (setting goes where)? When does it take effect and does it work in both directions or just when going small? Is the theme/style font size correct for smallest size tile and it scales up, or is it correct for 2x2 ? How is that communicated for new users?

How are your currently doing it with the icon?

Actually, they are both scaled the same way. Let me look into this some more, because it isn’t a simple fonts don’t get resized based on tile size issue…

Okay, so have some code that will scale the font / label size in the same way. The question I now have is where does the setting go? I’m thinking its a tileStyle setting that is automatically off (ie Scale Font Size to Match Tile : off) etc

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Nice. Perhaps the default setting should depend upon what the preponderance of your users (poll them?) prefer/expect when they resize Tiles. “If a 2x2 Tile is resized to 1x1, 3x3, 4x4, etc., should it wind up looking the same?” Something tells me most would answer, “Yes” (i.e. turn it On by default).

As to where such a setting ought reside…? Maybe it’s own new row (ugh…can’t believe I’m suggesting this, lol) “Scale Fonts with Tile Resize” in the Style dialogue.

SUCCESS! I can’t say enough good things about the results of my testing with this new “style scaling” feature.

Turned it on…

Created a big Device Tile…

Then shrank it down by 50%…

and everything resized appropriately and automatically! (Except for the Border, which is likely by design(?), and also fine by me.)

P.S. Will this new rescaling feature eventually roll out to LABEL tiles?

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Bugs for both I think… but I’ll confirm shortly :stuck_out_tongue:

The border doesn’t scale with tile size because its by design. If you have large or small tiles, you would typcially want the border around each tile to be consistently the same size. If the tiles are together on the dash with big, medium and small tiles, it would look odd to have the border being big and small etc.

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It does. Working for me. Are you sure it isn’t for you?

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Not quite. Note the how all three populated sections (Top, Middle, and Bottom Left) of this LABEL Tile retain the original font size after being rescaled from 4x2 to 2x1…



Nope. Still working for me. I can only assume you don’t have the theme option to allow Label Sizes Scale enabled. Double check that you do have it enabled (and if you do, tell me how so I can mirror what you’re doing)


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Ah, you nailed it on the head, mate! Had inadvertently left the “Scale?” setting disengaged during testing. In my mind, pretty sure I assumed it to be an “On by default” kind of thing, but nope.

All good now, and tile behaving as expected after resizing:

BEFORE (4x2)

AFTER (2x1)

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