Tile Wizard makes odd choice of Attribute

File this under Unexpected Behavior, perhaps? I did a quick walk-through with [ + ] ► Tile Wizard, to see how it would handle a Virtual Omni Sensor (replete with most of the common device attributes), to see how HB would choose to identify its purpose. HV opted for “Solar/Energy”, which I accepted.

However, upon noticing that the finished Tile was otherwise blank, I checked its settings, and found the auto-selected Attribute to be _id, which is rather unexpected:

In this case, the correct choice should have been Energy.

On closer inspection, after going through this process and manually choosing “Door” under Purpose, I realized that HV had in both cases listed a “Watching” attribute that simply doesn’t exist on the linked device.

Above, it was “Power” (doesn’t exist) instead of “Energy” (does exist). This time, it was “Door”, when in actuality, the Omni device possesses a “Contact” (closed/open) attribute.

The obvious consequence in every case is HV chooses _id by default since it is alphabetically the first available attribute.

Conclusion: Should we change the Tile Wizard to include some checks and/or interactivity while selecting the Watching attribute? Also, would you like me to send/post an exhaustive list of Device Capabilities as found on the Hubitat Forum? Not sure how the mapping is currently set up.

Not really a bug and by design. The Tile Wizard isn’t going to be perfect and account for all cases - wasn’t intended to, and there will be (by design) many possiblities that you can confuse or catch it out.

Fair enough, although I think I would have caught on to what was transpiring a tad sooner had the resulting Tile actually displayed the _id (or other present) attribute, as this manually-created one does:

This helps me going forward. I really don’t expect miracles from Tile Wizard, but think we can revisit its built-in mapping algorithm again some time.

I don’t disagree it could be made better, and until I enable the ChatGPT feature for the wizard, manually building tiles yourself is probably the better option for advanced use cases as you’re often doing.

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