Trying to set up an alert tile

Im trying to set an alert tile for an outside temperature sensor. I would like to do red for to hot blue for to cold. But those don’t seem to be available anymore. Is that intentional? Or something that accidentally got removed? This is in a stock theme.

What stock theme is this in?

The theme would need at least 1 TileStyles for the drop-down box to allow a selection - so can only assume that the theme has no TileStyles if it’s just showing Default.

I got that working using tile overrides

Space Theme

Correct. Alert and cool are missing. Only had default as an option

In overrides? How did you do that?

Then that’s the problem. Using the ThemeEditor, create two new TileStyles called “Red” or Alert and “Blue” or Cool and update the tile background etc as you want.

He’s suggesting exactly what you are trying to do - just that his worked because he was using a Theme that had TileStyles, and yours didn’t because they were missing.

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Well, I think I figured out the problem, might still be a bug, might just need guidance. It seems the theme I was using wasn’t a stock theme afterall, but one I created. However, I can’t create (or at least can’t see how to create) the additional tile styles. Everything is locked out by Global Tile Styles, and the Alert and Cool tiles don’t a.ppear to be part of that.

Click/tap the lock…. You have to experiment a little or you’ll get nowhere :joy::joy:

oh duh!!! I Just assumed since it had a lock it was inacceable!!

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