ultraTile™ omits Weather component

Here’s a curveball for you… While creating a new ultraTile, I noticed that it contained most but not all of the target Dash’s components.



Note the absence of the Weather TIle?!? Dunno how to explain that.

ultraTiles within ultraTiles will break the matrix. There is a check to avoid this and protect you from opening a portal to another dimension :rofl:

Ah, yes, that 'splains EVERYTHING! Can’t believe I couldn’t figure that out.

So, in other words, you lied when you said: :smiley:

All bugs are lies I tell about the code being good enough to release.

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That needs to be a Programmer T-Shirt meme somewhere. :slight_smile:

Have figured out how to enable nested ultraTiles without causing the app to get stuck in a forever loop.

After displaying the 1st ultraTile of a particular dash, any repeated ultraTle of the same dash is ignored.

This fix/improvement will be in a future release (probably 1.7)

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Wonderful! I truly believe that opens up a host of novel applications. You, sir, have stepped right up to the line once again, without causing a rift in the spce-time continuum… and we, your users, are grateful for the effort.