Unexpected Bottom Label Text-Alignment Behavior

Who knew that if you leave Bottom Left label empty, while Bottom Right label is set to Left Align, that the latter will shoot all the way over to the left edge of your Tile? Neat, but… intended??

Pictured here are two Tiles, separated by a vertical red bar, both 2C x 1R in size. Tile on right has “Status:” as its Bottom Left label text, while one on left has that field empty.

P.S. Haven’t tested right-aligned Bottom Left label with empty Bottom Right label, but assume this non-bug enjoys lateral symmetry. FWIW, Middle is shown right-aligned, while Top is centered.

Intended behaviour. The labels, if empty, become zero spaced widgets that don’t require space. It is only if content exists do they request/require fixed space to place the label.

I could have made it either way, and felt that this approach had more scope for broader use (ie make a single bottom label as wide as the top label is).

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Agreed, it’s kinda neat and ultimately useful, particularly when space gets constrained. Nice touch!