Unexplained missing dashboard icons

I went to the tabs list and noticed most of my dashes, all but one in fact, are shown with a warning icon, although I know there are no error conditions present. Is this normal? Or… Is it just a way of indicating that I have not assigned an icon to the tab for that dash?

Also, I am leaning once again toward requesting that setVariable (“Set Variable”) be added to the list of built-in functions for taps. It is not only commonly used but qualifies as essentially the only command you can run against Hub variable connector devices, which are specifically made for use with dashboards and Maker API.

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I have dashes without icons and I am not getting any warning icons for them.

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No, this icon exclamation is telling me (and you) that the icon definition for the dashboard is invalid and not correct for the icon database. As such, can you send me your dashboard configuration ?? - it might be a bug that hasn’t been found before !!

Will do tomorrow. Won’t be shocked if it’s related to jumping back and forth between beta and stable versions though.

Sorry, now unable to reproduce. Consider SOLVED until it reappears.

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