Upload images from other sources

It would be nice to be able to upload images for themes from other sources than just the gallery I have s bunch of wallpaper images in cloud account I would like to have acess to without having to clutter my gallery with them

You can already do that… :slight_smile:

Just pick “URL Link to image”


That’s not what I’m getting at. I have a bunch of images in my One Drive, Amazon Photos and Drop Box accounts I would like to use. I can’t just use the share link they generate, the dashboards don’t work with that, the background is just black. I have other apps (Android) that let you select the source to upload from rather than just restricted to gallery.

No worries, can you PM me an example link that you expect to work? My guess is that the link needs some browser compatibility or action from the user before it will just provide the image resource - this is a problem with OneDrive or DropBox not just providing a link to the image, but adding additional steps to a public share url that the apps cannot manage.

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Okay, so I’ve enhanced the Upload feature to also allow Cloud providers (iCloud, GoogleDrive, DropBox etc) to work on mobile/tablet devices. The next release will have that added.

I do wish to outline something to help explain some limitations…

Essentially, hubiVue’s background images in dashboards must be a “web link” that works directly and remotely. This is to ensure that dashboards work for all platforms and for all users (either remotely or at home).

A background image web link such as this… (as an example)


  • Directly means a Web Link that is something that you can copy/paste into a browser and the link provided results in the image being shown only (not web page that has the image embedded, or redirected to another website etc).

  • Remotely means a Web Link that is available externally on the Internet from anywhere - without your specific device or computer being available. You can use your own private web server, but it will need to be accessible on the Internet and available.

So in the theme configuration you can either provider a valid img web link, or choose from an uploaded image host in hubiVue Cloud.

If you wish to use images in your DropBox, OneDrive or Apple iCloud account, then what happens is that you are asking your phone (or where-ever the app is running from), to first download the image from your private cloud, and then upload that image to hubiVue Cloud servers.

Unfortunately, that means on mobile/tablet devices, this process is not all that fast - it takes a while depending on the size/resolution of the image. Also, due to the cost of storage, there is a 5MB size limit on each image uploaded to hubiVue Cloud. The app will show an error if you try to upload a large image.

Hope that helps?