Weather source question

What would be the possibility of other sources for weather for the weather tile? For instance Open Weathermap, weather cloud or similar? I ask because it currently says it 81 degrees and stormy, but it’s a bright beautiful day here! Just curious.

For the interim, I’d like to recommend some of the Weather/Wx user drivers already available over on the Hubitat side. Their attributes are easily ported into (one or more) Tiles on your HV dash thru Maker API, like any device.

I use OpenWeatherMap - took me some time to get the API key etc, but even if you hit it 4 times an hour you are still under the 1000 free API calls a day.

scottma61(github) wrote the driver for this. I would love to get the icons/graphics into hubivue, but it is not a high priority for me.

Works for me, but I got accurate with the lat and lon entries for my hub :slight_smile:

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I’ve got some partially finished code for this and was thinking I’d look at it if people wanted it.

Is the general consensus that the existing weather API isn’t good enough?? The reason I’m using it is that it’s free and will work without any additional steps

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My first opinion was that the weather was great. I hadn’t even thought of that at that stage. It’s great and will make a lot of people happy who have no need to work out how to expose a lot of attribute or entities.

For the real enthusiast and techy, then we probably won’t be happy until we have undone the information to the N’th degree.

From my perspective they are not that important. However if you have someone who runs a business based upon delivering this kind of information (tourists, sports peeps), or as a very nice “value add”, then information is power and could even be a USP.

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I love the dynamic background of the weather tile. I have bptworld’s MyRadar set up as a device, and changed the weather tile to use TSS. Will the background still change accordingly with that?

I really had (have) no issue until today when it was showing it storming, and it was sunny and beautiful! I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a weather geek. I’m in the process of replacing and expanding my weather station set up. I’m going with Ecowitt, mainly because they have SO many different sensors that open up whole new ways to geek out. I only have two rooms left to add temp / humidity sensors to (much mor visually appealing than the Sonoff sensors, even if they are bigge). The soil moisture sensors are a god send in monitoring those plants my wife keeps on top pf the cabinets and entertainment center. Soil temp sensor in the back yard to monitor for the optimum time to apply weed and insect control and fertilizer. temp / humidity sensor on the back porch. The actual weather array is just about complete. I have the rain gauge and lightning detector in service, I just need the last sensor array to complete it. Still trying to decide which to go with.

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