Weather tile? What do you want?

Starting to code up a super cool looking weather tile that gets its data from either the hub device or a weather service.

What services do you use and how do you envisage it working??

Plan is to have the background of the tile animated and showing a generated image of the weather type such as this…


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If possible, on a tile read in info from the Hubitat device for Open Weather including the ability to display the radar view. Unless I’m missing something, as it currently is when I put a tile value in the middle position there are only text or number options. Having the radar view there is desirable. Based on your background plan comment this appears to be where you are headed.

What device? As there is no “standard” device in Hubitat that I know of for weather.

Same with Radar view… which and whos? There is already support for Image URL to be reloaded at various seconds… so you could already have it load a URL radar image but it all depends on what site and what company you are using to get weather images etc.

It’s been a long time since I added it but seems like this is how.

I guess I’m just aware that there are many ways to get weather into Hubitat.

The below topic mentions a few others as getting OpenWeatherMap hasn’t always been available or the best option for everyone.

What about the radar view?

Also, would be nice to get weather info from MyRadar and Ecowitt… not have community integrstions.

Gonna need you to elaborate a bit more… :stuck_out_tongue:

From my understanding, I think myRadar is mobile App, so not sure what you were thinking, as I don’t believe there is anything I can do to integrate this into hubiVue (ie doesn’t look like they publish an API or service)…but happy to be corrected :smiley:

And, when thinking about Ecowitt, as its a personal weather service/device thing - are you thinking of the Hubitat device driver (which is what I use) and make that the input for the weather dash tile, or using the Ecowitt API server instead (if the later, I’d need to understand why you think that’s the better option) ??

Looks like they do, but at 1 request per hour, and then 8 cents per 1000 after that, I’m guessing the cost vs benefit doesn’t look all that great Products: Details - MyRadar Developer API Portal

Catching up. Bryan Turcotte did an app for MyRadar app after I found the API… i didnt think the request was that low… humm im using it for a dashboard tile in the native dashboards, and not paying for it. I think there are a few other people using it as well.

I guess I never did the math. At 1000 per month , its closer to 2 per hour , but I see your point. Still pretty sparce. Open weather map would work as well.

I also use the community integration for Ecowitt. (Many devices, but havent added the actual weather station its self yet. Personally, if theere was a way to pull it from there, personally, i woukd prefer that. But if you had to pill it from that would be acceptable. Just prefer local when possible.

Oh, but i really do like your idea for the animated tiles! Excited to see it.

Progress update…

The work on the OpenWeatherAPI has been completed, and I can now fetch weather data from the web and via the hub, so just need to finish the visuals for the text, and then a new release won’t be too far away.

I got a bit distracted doing some performance tuning that should fix the long running desktop version that has resulted in some huge bug fixes.

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I really like these animated weather tiles! And we finally got some weather so I can see something beside clear and blue all the time!! The only very minor issue I’ve noticed, is on a clear day the white text almost becomes lost in the blue sky. is there a way to get maybe a slightly darker shade of white/ light gray so it stands out a bit more? I also kind of like that black in the image above but can see that becoming lost on a stormy day as well.

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The text color is based on the theme style - change it to whatever you want to make it work better as your theme might not match the weather tile. Do you think I should override it or let you change it via a theme style??

Used Weather Tile for the first time today and it’s pretty stellar. I like that you left open the option of using sundry other Wx provider services, as well as tying into a Weather device on HE.

I’m about to take a stab at that last sub-feature and see how it goes…

First thing I noticed is that Wx device I just added (“Weather Info”) to Maker API doesn’t immediately show up when I proceed through the Edit > edit Wx tile > Device > Which device? dialogue:

Should HV be doing a device refresh at this stage, just in case?

UPDATE: It did on the 2nd go-around, so everything’s fine now. Most users won’t be adding their Wx to Maker just moments before Tiling it.

Correct. Full device refresh only occurs on “entering” the Edit Tile dialog. If you are already inside it, it won’t update… figured the extra coding and chances of that being the issue are small (as live updating a dropdown isn’t as easy as you’d think)

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90% certain I had backed out prior to first attempt, but giving you other 10% of the benefit of the doubt here. :wink:
I often beta test too late at night.

EDIT: Nope, on hindsight I’m sure I did back out before proceeding. Oh, well.

Going back to the Q you posed in OP:

Here’s what I want, sir. The ability to override “Name” label with a mapped attribute from my Wx device:

Why? Glad you asked. Because some Wx providers change up the literal readings location, so instead of my hometown name, the info will be coming from a small nearby town or other ZIP code. I may want to map that “Origin” or “Postal Code” to the “Name” label.

Food for thought. On a rainy day, no less. Thx bye

Important pro-tip: Some Wx info providers won’t always include every single possible weather parameter with each refresh. Hence, for example, during a dry spell there may be nothing listed about Precipitation or Rain. (Or during the rainy season there may be nothing about Snow or Sleet, etc.)

The reason I bring this up is that absent one or more of those parameters, the Wx device on the HE side may not “offer” them up via Maker, which in turn might render it impossible for the Weather Tile on the HV side to “offer” them to the user for mapping attributes.

Edge case? Yes. Common? Yep. Showstopper? Nah.

But it’s a bridge I watched other developers have to cross, and one in particular solved it by allowing free-form (ARGH!) text entry of the parameters as decoded from the Wx service’s API documentation (also ARGH!). The mapping would go thusly…

Rain =>

…or something very similar, with the user typing the right-hand portion of that string. I like your pick-list approach just fine, but wonder how it’ll handle missing fields (such as I’m experiencing right now). No rain here:

Cognizant of this dilemma, smart HE app developers – such as @scottma61, creator of the “Weather Info” app I happen to be using – will place a toggle (in Device status page > Preferences) to allow users to receive all possible attributes at every refresh (shown here):

But that’s no guarantee it will magically generate currently-missing Wx data. (In my case, it did not.) So also make sure you have the desired parameters turned ON in the Device/App itself, to ensure those attributes become available at the other end:

And THEN you can map everything you need in hubiVue! <phew>

Maybe I’m still half asleep (worked overnight fthe last two days) but I don’t see how to do that,
Having lived with it for a few weeks now, on “nice” days, the information text gets lost in the white/light gray of thre background clouds/sky.

Any guidance on how I can fix that?