Web app not working

My Issue sounds similar and maybe related, so I added it to this thread. feel free to mover it if its a different issue. On the web version, I went use it today for the first time. After signing in, it won’t connect. Keeps giving me “hub offline” even though it is on line, and my Android and PC apps are connected.

Side by side:

So with the web version, which worked prior, no longer works, and another interesting observation. I have a high performance motherboard and based on cpu load the fan speed varies. Every time I start the web app the fan spins up to almost max speed, and no other apps has this effect on my computer.

Even restarting the web app says hub disconnected, but the mobile app works and the windows app does work and can reconnect.

Can you share some details of the browser and when you say doesn’t work, it obviously loads and works to a degree - can you share what part or point it stops working. Helps me figure out what might be the issue

Hi Grant, sure, was in a hurry before. Anyway I am running the latest Chrome version
Version 106.0.5249.91 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 7 Ultimate.
The fans spun up again and this is what I get with the web app

and each time i click refresh, the fans spin up again, and it says connecting, but does not connect. Maybe a caching issue?
So I tried Brave Browser, no fan spin up but it still won’t connect, same offline message as above

Not 100% sure what you mean by fans spin up… there are no fans in the pic above!?

Could be caching, so maybe try Ctrl-Reload the page to ensure that the Browser is reloading the code/page correctly.

I just tried the web app using the various test accounts I have for cloud based / connected hubs and all are working. So a little unsure right now… maybe open the Dev console on Chrome and tell me if it spews anything valuable - perhaps PM the results just in case it has sensitive info in the dump.

Both @Rxich and @LCW731 - can you please ensure your MakerAPI is correctly configured for web access - it must have https://app.hubivue.com/ as the Allowed Hosts (for CORS) in your MakerAPI setting in your hub.

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I think that fixed it. Sorry I must have missed that in the setup, although I use maker API with 3 or 4 apps and never had to add a host. I guess this is new with “web apps”

Yes, it is only required for web apps that directly connect to MakerAPI itself (which is what your browser does and CORS is a browser security feature) - I personally think it’s an unnecessary hassle, but the Hubitat developers have it enabled and so it’s required for web browsers that use MakerAPI

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what’s very odd is it did work initially for a while. In any event I added the allowed hosts and it’s good now
Thank You Grant