WebBrowser type

In another tool that I’m testing, they have a tile of type called WebBrowser where I can put a web address that it is refreshed every 30 seconds or more. I can then put the web address of my Ring Camera and see all the time what’s happening.

Is it faisable for you ?

It is, but getting the behaviours of the tiles to be identical across all platforms isn’t easy - I will be easily able to achieve this for iOS/Android mobile and tablet, but the desktop versions of MacOS and Windows won’t be possible - at least not in the same identical way.

What are your thoughts on that? What do I show on unsupported platforms? A link/button that opens the browser on the desktop?

Good for the mobile then. But I was thinking about defining bigger tiles for my cameras it will be ugly on windows if it’s just a link to open a browser but if it’s the best you can do. I don’t know what else it could be then.

Why it can’t be done in windows? This is the way your tool works right?

I’ll do more research on this - it definitely is possible, but yes the tooling framework I’m using doesn’t have a solid/proven way to do this on all platforms… not yet… but let me do more digging

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I had a deeper look, and the framework tools are still a bit far to go on the desktop (MacOS/Windows) side of things, so the best I can do right now is implement the webview tile on iOS mobile/tablet and Android mobile/tablet, and when running on desktop platforms it will just provide a web link to click (and open a browser). As soon as the webview support on desktop platforms becomes released, it will be very quickly included in hubiVue.

That’s as good as I can offer - do you know what native platforms this “another tool” supports, but still embeds a native browser in the dashboard tile?

I will use what you can do. That’s good.

No I have no idea about the native platform.

Sorry. What I’m asking is… what is the other tool?

It is called The Home Remote