What about dimmer presets?

It occurred to me this morning that a dimmer preset, or maybe the option to use one of one to four of the most recent dimmer levels (similar to the color swatches for RGB bulbs) could be useful. Is that something that could be implemented?

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Good idea. Added to the list of features to be implemented !

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It’s been a while since this was suggested, and lot of stuff suggested since has been implemented. Is this on the radar to be included yet?

Another thought I had recently was maybe preset for four recent settings color or dimmer? for example my bed side light (Inovelli RGBW Bulb) may show 15%, RED, 35%, 50%, 100%.

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It’s definitely next on the very very long list.

Can you please explain how you see this being implemented? Are you suggesting the slider for temp or level has some preset buttons below the slider that you can tap?

So the sequence is tap-hold on the tile (level slider dialog shows), tap the % preset and the dialog closes and the light is set to preset level???


Well, first I need to make sure I understand how it’s arrived at currently. I was thinking similar to how the RGB bulbs are now. Are the four presets normally based on colors you have used previously (in this example the only color I have used is red, the rest are default).

If so, my initial thought was similar to how it is now, but the colors presets replaced by dimmer percentage presets. My latest idea this morning, would be a combination of those (4 most recent) , but still in a similar fashion to the way it is today.

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The current swatches are not last used or anything

Trying to derive that is complex unfortunately, because on that dialog, you actually have 3 different settings that are being set - the color, the temperature and the level (brightness)

I could just keep a record of the last you fiddled with, but I’m guessing how confusing that could be when you swipe left and right back to the same value. Then there is when do I take a value? As you’re changing (no because there are too many changes occurring at once), so maybe 300ms after the last change - but even that’s a problem, as you can swipe right, pause, swipe left pause, and swipe right again. That would fill up 3 swatches with 3 different values whipping out all other past previously used values

I think this why I’ve not implemented this idea - it isn’t easy to implement and make work in an easy way. Yes the concept sounds easy, but when you step through how it would need to work, it isn’t easy to apply when you’re trying to capture the last values used/set

The other way is to simply offer a preset button, that either a right-click or hold on the preset offers a way to set the preset value. A normal click/tap has the preset apply the value. Not exactly what you asked for but seems to be the most effective way to get there

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I think I understand what you are saying, so in the current RGB tile, how are those color swatches arrived at? isn’t that just capturing the most recent colors? Would assignable presets be more do able?
My use case is being able to consistently be able to get back to the same light level without the fine tuning to arrive at the preferred level of the moment. But we do tend to have a few levels we use more often than not. being able to open and tap back to that would be great. With my RGB bulbs (inside the house) I typically only use the red (for night lighting), so having multiple colors is less important that dimmer presents (hence were my for example for my bed side light (Inovelli RGBW Bulb) may show 15%, RED, 35%, 50% came from).

That may work , but I might need to play with it to know for sure.