What Tile Is This? ♪

With all the dashes, tabs, tiles, styles and testing I’ve attempted over the past few months, and with the roll-out of so many new Tile types, I’ve come to a cross-roads… namely, a time when I cannot tell just by looking which type of TIle I’m working on. Can you?

Some tiles have actions, others don’t. All have labels, but some only have labels. Some offer Style and/or Label overrides, others lack them.

Accordingly, I’d benefit either from being able to see the Tile type (spelled out somewhere in Edit mode), or gaining the ability to change from one type to another as needed, without starting from scratch.

Ideally (and this seems possible to my lay mind), I’d love for some of the more single-purpose tiles to simply become special cases of the general Device Tile, so we can work from a single template (most of the time).