When editing tiles don't update immediately

The only repeatable oddity I can currently document involves:

  • Go into Edit Dash mode
  • Mouse-click only Tile on Dash
  • Choose Edit
  • <<Tile goes black… wait 6-10 seconds for Tile to render>>

This last thing has me concerned. I don’t recall noticing that delay before. Could it be due to having 5+ Tile Overrides active? Something I’ll watch.

Delete the tile and recreate it. Does it still take 10 seconds to render? And what specifically do you mean by render?

Will give that a try tomorrow. Basically “render” here means “the time it takes to go from being a blank, black square to showing the background color, text label and icon that it would normally show in View Dashboard mode.”

I had never noticed it taking any time to render immediately after clicking “EDIT”, but now it’s very obvious and repeatable.

I’d love a video of that if you can do so… not sure I fully understand what you’re doing. Also, make sure your mutliple hubs aren’t slowing something down (as during the edit, it will request the device list).

No multiple hubs here. Maybe 20 devices shares through single instance of Maker API.




Okay, so we have an issue here of terminology.

The tile IS rendering - just that the update to the underlying values of the attributes hasn’t happened immediately because you’re assuming (incorrectly) that the mini dash shown here is an instant copy/mirror of the dash in the background. This is another instance of a hubiVue dashboard created just for editing. It is a copy yes, but the background data isn’t and it waits for the next available cycle of hub updates to reflect the current status (whenever that be).

Does that explanation help outline what might be happening?

At this point, I’m thinking there is no bug, and is working exactly as designed, but I suspect you think that because the dash behind had updated its status to show X or Y that when you edit, it should also immediately reflect the very same status? Yeah? Well, nah… not so :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve moved this last few posts out of the prior thread because they are not really related to the first post, which was a hard crash.

With that, my expectations are now properly set, and good to go!

Thanks for ‘splainin’.