Why wont these weather Icons show?

I’m using the OpenWeatherMap device in Hubitat. Trying to display images such as the 3-day forcast in Hubivue. The image below shows that the weather forcast data is showing properly, and it also shows that the weather icons are being successfully downloaded (the TinyUrl.com objects), but they wont show in the tile. I’m at a loss.


I suspect it has something to do with handling the array. You can get the current day icon to display if you use "Special Tile and HTML, but change the HTML radio button to Device and select the Openweather device and select that attribute.

However, that is only a current days icon and no other information.

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I think its a CSS limitation. The HTML tile isn’t that sophistacated and can’t render everything a modern browser can. Working on embedding a full browser into a tile, but the multiplatform support has me stumped where I can get mobile/tablets/web working, but desktops are still some way off. So might look to release a version with limitted support and notes that it won’t render on Desktops (or maybe fall back to the simple HTML capability that won’t display everything etc) - thoughts??