Windows install unsuccessful

Hate for this to be my first post after joining the Community (though many of you will know me from the Hubitat realm and SmartHome.Community as well), but here goes…

When I attempt to run the HubiVue Installer in Windows10, I immediately get a giant error message on-screen stating that the app cannot run on this OS (and to contact the developer for another version).

Pretty sure I clicked the Windows applet download button directly from the website home page.
Expected behavior? Not seeing others posting here about this yet.

NOTE: I grabbed a screenshot, but doubt the Forum will allow** me to post graphics yet, since I’m a “n00b”! :smiley:

UPDATE 1: Moments after posting this, while trying to re-download the Installer exe file, the d/l failed and my entire Chrome browser closed, then the PC went wonky and I was forced to Restart. Perhaps it was overdue. Will retry everything again momentarily… and report back.

UPDATE 2: Holy carp… both my 2nd and 3rd attempt to re-d/l the Installer file resulted in an immediate crash of Chrome browser (which I had to re-open and “Restore Pages”), so not gonna try that again. Simultaneously, Google Drive (to whose folders I was saving the download) balked with this perverse warning msg: “Can’t add file
“Unconfirmed 848396.crdownload” has been removed from Google Drive because you don’t have permission to add files to “Unconfirmed 848396.crdownload”. For help, contact your administrator.” Have literally never seen such a warning. Nobody else?!?

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** bump my privs and I’ll post it! (edit: Oops, it went thru just fine)

Have you tried using edge? (I hear my wife who does tech support for a Well Known financial services company say that over and over all day long, and usually that works.), But seriously, I installed (and later updated) using Brave Browser, and it worked just fine. Maybe there’s something goofy in your chrome install?

I will add that I’m running Windows 11, not sure if that’s the difference or not. My understanding from @g.slender is it is compatible with both.

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The code/application is Windows 10 compatible, but I am building the app within Windows 11, so it is possible that it has embedded something that makes it not compatible. Thanks for raising this, and whilst I’m sure I tested it, perhaps I was mistaken and I will double check things… stay tuned.

Okay… the app was built for Windows 10 x64 (10.0.1904.0) or higher… which isn’t the oldest, but also not the newest release of Windows 10.

Can you confirm what build of Windows 10 you are running, and can you upgrade to a later release of Windows 10?

C:\> winver

I will probably need to know what OS you are specifically running, to do so…

Press Win + I to open Settings and select System. Then, from the left menu, click About.

The Device specifications section will give you info about your system, including which version of Windows you have installed on your computer.

Try and copy/paste a pic of that here :smiley:

Thanks for looking into it, and I hope it’s a “just me” problem…
Running Windows 10 v. 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1889) and Chrome latest

Will try again this afternoon; just don’t have time right this moment. Stand by…

Once you have a known good download of the installer on your PC in File Explorer do a right mouse click and choose run as administrator.

I’ve had 2 similar situations recently and when I worked with support folks, they both had me try again with Edge and in both cases, Edge solved the issue.

Your initial bad experience reminds me of those times when Chrome is wanting to load and install an update and for some reason Google will not pop up a message alerting the user to this. Instead, they cripple Chrome and you see all sorts of non-sense.

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Will do. Just as an addendum, however, before I read your reply I was tempted to simply double-click the freshly downloaded .EXE file to see what would happen today, and got this even more dire-sounding warning, with no apparent avenue to proceed with installation…

UPDATE: Then downloaded ANOTHER fresh copy, right-clicked, “Run as Admin”, and same warning popped up. Giving up for now… it’s not urgent.

click the More Info thing that does not appear to be a button but does tell you more when clicked on.

That warning message is Microsoft’s way of trying to protect us from ourselves.

So many mothers and grandmothers have clicked on bad stuff they downloaded while they thought they were clipping digital grocery coupons, Gates and Co created these UI speed breakers to try and slow us down.

Clicking “More Info” presents the following additional text, plus reveals the “Run Anyway” button (which despite being a likely “cure”, I’m nevertheless uncomfortable clicking on my daily driver PC):

App: hubiVue Installer.exe
Publisher: Unknown publisher

Paging @g.slender, you have a user who needs to better understand what your application will do.

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Just have to go into windiws defender and tell it to allow it to run. Gets really confusing when yoh are doing multiple things , because Microsoft just lables everythi g “unknown” and you have to deep dive evrything to see what caused the blocking to see if you want to allow or not. I appreciate the thought behind this, just not the lack of thought in implementing it.

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Yes, this is all correct.

I’m not paying the Microsoft tax, which is literally a fee to Microsoft to allow them to digitally sign the application and installer, making the installation smoother without all these hoops.

It’s annoying because it’s done under the guise of security, and as the developer I have to pay a fee to Microsoft and you the consumer still have security issues with Windows - only Microsoft benefits, as they got some $$$ for essentially doing very little.

If you don’t feel secure running the desktop apps, then use the web version, the mobile version or tablet version. They are all essentially the same.

PS - in time, when/if this community grows, I’ll pay the extra taxes required by all the software monopolies and fix this install issue - but for now I’d rather invest in new features and save my $$ for bigger and better things :sunglasses:


Ah, now it all makes sense, and given that perfectly understandable explanation, I don’t mind proceeding. Just wanted to know why all that was happening, considering how rare a circumstance it was for me.

Thanks again! Onward and install-ward…

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You’ve motivated me to add some install notes for macOS and Windows in the Help section. It’s fair that it needs some nice explanation and I’ll probably steal/borrow your screen pics of it failing to explain what you might see etc.

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OMG, windows is still a huge POS. Gates & co. (when they aren’t buying up all the farmland on the globe) likely wants Grant to pay 50,000.00 to “license” his app to avoid all this. SMH

LOL :laughing: if being fair/honest, its only $19 USD so maybe I should cough up the $$ and pay the developer fee and make the world easy for everyone… :thinking: