Zoom gestures?

Is it possible to implement gesture type scaling on phones and tablets? ie: pinch and spread

I don’t really follow how that would work - can you explain with a little more detail.

How does it work if the columns are 3 on a phone - why are you zooming in?

Also, are you using the search at the bottom?

ah, no I want to zoom or enlarge the Windows menus on the phone. So, I have the menus I made on the windows app set to 7 cols. They “fit” on the phone, just a bit tiny.

I think you’re going about the intention of the app the wrong way…

The idea is to create multiple dashboards scaled for the intended device. You would create a set of 7-6 cols dashboard that’s viewed landscape for tablets/desktops, and then another set of 3-2 cols dashboards that’s viewed portrait for small sized devices (like phones) - then there is no need for zooming and everything is laid out in ways that suit each format. You probably will find the number and content of linked-dashboards to each (call them sub-dashes) will be different simply due to the resolution and space that each device offers.

Give it a try - you might find that’s the best way. Also, Guests can be assigned a specific dash to open on, so you can create a set of dashboard for family members’ phones and give them a Guest code (use the QR code feature for easy login - even print the QR code somewhere in the house for visitors and easy access - I just use the QR code that shows up on the Guest Management screen when I add a guest). Then target the guest to a specific device oriented dashboard. Same for your personal use, and for kiosks - its pretty easy to create specific email addresses kiosks - something like 49SmithStreet@gmail.com is a good way to assign the home an email account for the kiosk device etc. Send the guest code to that email etc.

Sounds good, I will explore those options